Atkins Ranch Natural Lamb
Lean Grown - not Lean Trimmed

New Zealand grown Natural Lamb comes to you naturally raised. Free from additives, growth stimulants and genetically modified feed or grass of any kind. This pasture raised lamb bears the Quality Assurance Accreditation" on any lamb product bearing the Atkins Ranch Natural Lamb name, assuring chefs everywhere of the stringent requirements employed in the production of this exceptionally high quality ingredient.

More information iabout this company can be found on their web site at:
www.atkinsranch.com and purchases can be made through


Snake River Farms American Kobe Beef

Wagyu is the indigenous Japanese cattle breed that is the foundation for the Kobe Beef that is world renowned for marbling and flavor. This breed has been selectively bred and refined in Japan for hundreds of cattle generations to create an exquisite eating experience. Snake River Farms brought a foundation herd from Japan 10 years ago and has been crossing them in the U.S. with premium Black Angus ever since.

Once available only in foreign markets, Wagyu Beef has made its way into the American public's restaurants and supermarket through Snake River Farms, located in Boise, Idaho. Due to increased demand in the states, Snake River Farms developed a full-line of products for American Consumers that is natural, hormone hee and antibiotic free. There are three grades of American Kobe Beef, all based on "marbling" and color, with the Gold grade being the highest available.

For more information, visit them at: www.snakeriverfarms.com
or order your product from www.preferredmeats.com

Beeler's Naturally Pure Pork

Beeler's Naturally Pure Pork is specifically bred and fed to achieve a higher marbling content, like in years past. Raised in Brunsville, lowa, the result is a juicier, tastier pork that is catching on in natural supermarkets throughout the country. It was owner Tim Beeler that decided to produce and sell natural, antiabiotic free pork. Their label reads "hogs raised without any antibiotics, growth promotants, vaccines, injections or Vemmifuges!" and caused a stir even at its inception, in 1980.

Today, you can buy this pork through Preferred Meats, or visit them at their web site, at www.preferredmeats.com

Maple Leaf Farms
Featuring the White Pekin Duckling

Maple Leaf Duck owes it's distinct taste and succulent texture to the species known as the White Pekin Duckling. Raised originally in China and subsequently brought to the United States, Maple Leaf Farms employs a rigorous routine to insure the quality of their product. Under the strict supervision of Maple Leaf Farms professionals, a pedigree program is employed to seled the "grandparent" stock, then track the progeny from egg through adult breeding cycle. By carefully monitoring these results with advanced statistical techniques on a state-of-the-art farm, the research staff, veterinary staff and other professionals are able to achieve unparalleled results, dramatically reducing the fat and increasing the breast meat on their duckling. No hormones, growth stimulants or antibiotics are used in the raising or produdion of Maple Leaf ducklings.

For more information, visit them at: www.mapleleaffarms.com
or make your purchase through www.preferredmeats.com


“Embera. Not flames. Glowing embers burning slow...."

The benefit of generation tested, great tasting smoked foods is often the result of fine tuning throughout the family generations. Great Grandfather Wilhelm Nueske started this tradition of the country's finest smoked meats. A simple love of good food has led to the lesson which has been handed down from generation to generation: Pick the leanest and most tender cuts of meats, learn the secrets of blending great spices, and curing, and smoke slowly over the logs of sweet Applewood. Then, and only then, do you have a product which stands shoulders above the competition everywhere you go.

Call Preferred Meats for their complete catalog of available products.

For more information, visit them at: www.nueskes.com
or make your purchase through: www.preferredmeats.com

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