Simple Cocktail Recipes for National Punch Day
By FBWorld Team

National Punch Day is the perfect excuse to throw a party and get your friends and family together again. Whether you're hosting game night or one final backyard BBQ, there's no better way to entertain a group than by serving up an easy-to-make, fruity libation featuring Cruzan Rum.

Cruzan® Blueberry Spritz Punch

Serves: 6

12 parts Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum
8 parts Sauvignon Blanc
4 parts Soda Water
3 parts Fresh Lemon Juice
2 parts Simple Syrup

1. Combine all ingredients except soda water in a pitcher. Chill in refrigerator for one hour.

2. At service, add ice to pitcher and top with soda.

3. Garnish with lemon peels.

Cruzan® Strawberry Rosemary Punch

Serves: 8

1 bottle Cruzan® Strawberry Rum
6 parts Fresh Lime Juice
24 parts Ginger Ale
6 Rosemary Sprigs

Rosemary Ice Blocks (*See Additional Recipe Below)

1. To prep, pour rum into a punchbowl and add 4 sprigs of rosemary. Give it a quick stir, making sure to fully immerse the rosemary. Let the mixture sit for one hour at room temperature.

2. After one hour, remove the sprigs of rosemary from the bowl and discard them.

3. Next, add the lime juice to the rosemary-infused rum and chill in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve.

4. To serve, add rosemary ice block and ginger ale to your rum punch mixture.

5. Serve over ice in a punch glass.

6. Garnish with a small piece of rosemary sprig.

*Rosemary Ice Blocks Method:
1. Fill a couple of round plastic containers with water and a couple rosemary sprigs and put it in the freezer.

2. When serving your punch, float the ice blocks in the punch bowl.



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